POLY-CHAR 2024 Madrid

The next edition of the POLY-CHAR international conference series on polymer science & technology will be celebrated in Madrid in May 2024, with the motto "Polymers for our future". More details HERE

Farewell to Simone and Fabio

At the end of July, Simone and Fabio packed their suitcases and returned to Naples and Paris, respectively. Good luck "amigos"! It was great to have you with us in FISPOL! MORE


INL researcher visits FISPOL via iLINK

Dr. Siva Sankar Nemala from the International berian Nanotechnology Laboratory (INL), Braga, Portugal spent a week in the group preparing samples related to the i-Link project "Sustainable nanocomposites for lightweight energy storage in portable devices" led by Dr. Horacio Salavagione. MORE

Sustainable bonding of plywood review

Peter Shuttleworth in collaboration with researchers from Guangzhou and Jieyang in China has recently published a review on adhesives derived from plant proteins for bonding plywood. MORE

Tribomechanical response of PEEK/rGO coatings

Recently published in the Journal of Materials Science, a study on the thermal and tribo-mechanical properties of electrophoretically deposited poly(etheretherketone)/reduced graphene oxide coatings, fruit of an international collaboration between groups from Germany, Slovakia, Mexico and Spain, led by ex-group member, Dr. Eduin González-Castillo. MORE

French engineer's internship

Mr. Fabio Nadin-Ambrosio, a 4th year engineering degree student from Université Paris-Saclay joins us for a 2 month internship with Dr. Araceli Flores working on indentation techniques. MORE



Recyling solution for multilayer plastic packaging

Hot off the press in the high-impact Elsevier journal, Sustainable Materials and Technologies, the latest article from the MANDALA Project describes a solution for separating multilayer packaging materials using a remotely-triggered radiation absorbing thermoreversible adhesive. More HERE

Image (C): The MANDALA concept



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Graphene and other
2D materials
Mesoporous carbons
and their NCs
Blends, multilayer films,
fibres and laminates
Advanced characterization



The main activity of the group is fundamental and applied research in polymeric materials in the areas of polymer blends, composites, hybrid and nanocomposite materials incorporating graphene and other 2D materials to produce multifuncional materials with improved performance for applications in diverse areas.

Our more recent goals are focused on actions to tackle fundamental societal needs using sustainable materials and strategies. These include the conversion of food waste into value-added materials, the replacement conventional solvents with bio-sourced solvents in materials synthesis and processing, the push towards biopolymers as substituents of crude-oil derived polymers, and the development of new recycling scenarios to bring multilayer packaging and other multimaterials into a circular economy.



Institute of Polymer Science & TechnologyDepartment of Polymer Physics, Elastomers & Energy





One of the group's most highly cited manuscripts, a feature article with over 260 citations, was published in Macromolcular Rapid Communications, and decribed advances in the covalent modification of graphene with polymers. Link here



The book chapter "Graphene-Based Polymer Nanocomposites" has been downloaded more than 19,570 times. More here



According to SCOPUS, our revision article "High-performance nano-composites based on polyetherketones" has more than 195 citations. More HERE.